Business Buy-in

Organizations don’t prosper unless they identify and promote the need for change.

To determine whether it makes business sense to invest in Cyber Recovery Readiness, ask your organization the following two questions:

  1. How important is it that my organization can Recover after a Cyber incident like Ransomware?
  2. How likely is it that we are going to be impacted by such an incident ?

Acrinex can help you find an answer to these questions and help you explain to management how an investment in Cyber Recovery Readiness delivers business value, also for your organization.

Acrinex recommends a risk-based approach and shares the view ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ (Benjamin Franklin)

Business buy-in facilitators

Business awareness

In order to align on the challenges and risks with Cyber Recoverability and Ransomware it is important to have a shared understanding across the organization of the risks, standards and a common language understood by business, IT and other stakeholders

Acrinex can help you increase awareness and deliver a common understanding for your organization in close collaboration and tailored to your organizational needs.


In these sessions we dive in deeper into specific areas when dealing with Cyber Recoverability and Ransomware. 

 Clear insights in organization, approach, tools, processes, governance and supporting services will be provided based upon your requirements and specific situation.


Given the complexity and widespread presence of cyber risks, organizations can benefit from our extensive experience in setting up and managing Cyber Recoverability Services and organizational Cyber Recovery Readiness.

Acrinex can help you asses your current Cyber Recovery baseline and identify your Cyber Recoverability gaps and provide you with actionable outcomes. This will enable you to  prepare for and respond to cyber attacks and build sustainable Cyber Recovery processes.