Cyber Recovery Readiness is for most organizations a vital component in their Business Continuity strategy.

Most organizations nowadays have strong Cyber Incident protect & detect capabilities. However would your company be able to restore your most critical data and applications if a malicious actor would bypass your protect & detect systems and deletes or encrypts your IT crown jewels ?

Accelerate your recovery activities by being adequately prepared for the worst case scenarios by implementing below three key components essential for your Cyber Recovery Readiness. .


Acrinex Implementation support

Recovery Service Environment

Acrinex can help you design, deploy and operationalize your Cyber Recovery Environment which includes backup, restore, cleanse, test and release to production capabilities that are required for Cyber Recovery.

Our extensive experience allows us to bring in available standards, best practices, vendor knowledge and typical service requirements to guide you to Cyber Recovery Readiness.

Recovery Enablement

During a Cyber Event, organizations might not be able to use their standard collaboration tools and ways of working.

Acrinex can help to implement an out-of-band collaboration capability that can be made available quickly to get recovery activities started after a Cyber Attack is detected.


Recovery Organization

To get an effective and fully empowered Cyber Recovery team in place it is essential to have the right mix of business and IT leaders in the team and supporting the team.

Acrinex knows how to build the required culture of collaboration between Crisis Management, Cyber Defense, IT operations and external stakeholders to achieve organizational readiness for Cyber Recovery.