Cyber Recovery Readiness

Failure to prepare is preparing for failure

Whether or not to mitigate the ever-increasing Cyber Risk is a decision that organizations can take.

It should be noted that ongoing Cyber Risk discussion will not lead to Cyber Recovery Readiness.

Prepare, Onboard and Test your readiness

Playbook & Runbook

In moments of a cyber crisis it is important to have a fit for purpose, easy to follow Playbook that provides clear and simple guidance that describes the Who, What, Where, When and How.

Based upon our many years of experience with managing and deploying Cyber Incident Response Plans Acrinex is in a good position to support you with setting up the right plans with the right level of detail.

Critical Service onboarding

Organizations use multiple IT services that have a dependency with business-critical processes that are in scope for Cyber Recovery.

Having a standard and repeatable onboarding process in place will help many application teams to efficiently end effectively onboard their critical applications and infrastructure services to the new Cyber Recovery service offering with a smooth handover to production.

This is where Acrinex has experienced staff available that can assist to implement a standard onboarding process and programme.

Cyber Recovery Testing

Testing, testing and testing is key to confirm recovery readiness.

Acrinex can help to implement a scalable clean room environment with secure remote access that allows recovery staff to restore, rebuild, cleanse and test IT service runbooks to ensure Recovery Readiness.