About Us

Acrinex' purpose

Acrinex aims to deliver independent high quality Cyber Recovery Consultancy services & Service Implementation Support to become a reliable and preferred partner for organizations to achieve and maintain its ‘Cyber Recovery Readiness’.



The risk to become a victim of a Cyber Event is increasing rapidly and newspapers report daily about companies that have been hit and the catastrophic impact these companies and their business partners experience.

It is fair to conclude that it is no longer ‘íf’ an organization will be impacted but ’when’ this will happen and whether an organization will be ready and able to timely restore at least its critical operations.

This enforces organizations to become prepared for recovery of its critical IT services and be ready to manage the impact of such an event with its internal and external stakeholders.

 Most likely governments will also start to enforce Cyber Recovery Readiness for companies that can strongly impact its national economy or people safety when hit by a Cyber event.

 As dealing with a Cyber Event and the implementation of a secure and reliable Cyber Recovery Response requires specialist skills it makes sense for organizations to seek support from Cyber Recovery consultants and contract Cyber Recovery services to become ‘Cyber Recovery Ready’.